Meet our Families

At Noah’s Ark, your goals are our goals. Our Key Workers work closely with your family in order to secure the best outcomes for your children. Here’s some of their stories.

In a few years time you’ll probably look back on this and think ‘oh, I was so stressed about it’… But it will be alright. You will get there.

– Catherine, Mum.

Without the support of Noah’s Ark I actually don’t know where we’d be with Zoe right now. I don’t even know whether she’d still be at school.

– Zoe’s Mum.

Erin, Braybrook, VIC

Ruth has been my son’s Key Worker for approximately three and a half years. My son, Connor has recently had his last visit from Ruth as he is off to school next year. When Ruth was first introduced to my family Connor had a 12-month developmental delay due to a medical condition and surgery he…

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Rachel, Croydon, VIC

I desperately needed help with Ethan’s behaviours. Things were really tough for us. Before I found Noah’s Ark, when I first started looking for help, I went to someone who told me I’d have to eventually place him in an institution—I didn’t go back there. That was never my plan for my son. Then we…

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Rebecca, Canberra, ACT

It has been 3 years and 2 months since we have gone out to dinner as a family. Yesterday it was my birthday and my wish was to dine out with my whole family and we did it!!! Not only did our son try quite a few new things (without too much encouragement, Thai and…

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Lori, Derrimut, VIC

Our Key Worker has been a positive, helpful, accommodating Key Worker from the very start. She is wonderful to work with, pleasant and encouraging. Communication with her is open. The strategies in handling (my son’s) behaviour; management plans and resources, have all been working so far. We are on track with our goals. It is…

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Minh, Essendon, VIC

I just feel so glad that I have you guys. The Autism assessment was a really big day for me… I don’t know whether I would have coped without Nicole, our Key Worker, there to support me and help me understand the diagnosis. It was so good that she was able to be there with…

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Janelle, Kealba, VIC

Natalie is such a tremendous help! Her understanding, acceptance, open ears, along with her professional advice, have gone a long way in helping me to personally cope with the challenges my husband and I face in Hannah’s growth and development. I love the fact that Noah’s Ark provides genuine care in a practical, specific to…

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Sara, Hawksburn, VIC

My name is Sara and I have two children. At the end of 2012, at the age of 2 ½ my son Sebastian was diagnosed with Autism. It was an overwhelming period for our family as we came to grips with his diagnosis and the lifelong challenges he would face. Following his diagnosis our pediatrician…

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Liz, Williamstown, VIC

I couldn’t sleep for days before your first visit. I was so worried … but you were so reassuring and I felt so much better. The best thing was that you listened to me. You really listened. I had the best sleep after that appointment. Knowing that someone is going to be there to help…

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Carmeli, Deer Park, VIC

My Key Worker provides information that I need to make Bryce progress in his own time and capabilities. She was able to coach me on how to better communicate with Bryce using the sign for help. Our family is very happy with the support we are getting from Noah’s Ark in particular with Bryce’s development. It…

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