Our Quality of Service

Noah’s Ark is committed to improving the quality of our services.

Quality of service

Our Quality Assurance

We gather information from Noah’s Ark families and the services we work with on an annual basis to gather information on the quality of our service delivery and to determine what we need to do to improve the quality of our work. As part of our quality system, a number of outcome areas are measured.

Reports on our quality indicators include:

  • Feedback Services Project
  • Family Survey
  • Family Feedback
  • The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM).

Our Customer Charter

What you can expect from us

Quality responsive services

We value you as a customer. This means that:

  • we will answer the phone promptly
  • if the person you talk to cannot answer your enquiry, they will put you in touch with another Noah’s Ark staff member who can
  • we will respond to all of your letters and emails
  • if you provide feedback, we have a dedicated feedback process and we will work with you to understand and address your questions or concerns.


We will treat you with courtesy and respect.


We value all feedback. This can be made via this website, in writing or over the phone. Visit the Feedback & Complaints page for more information.

Fair and equal services

We value our diverse communities. We will provide services in a fair and equitable way because we want everyone to be treated fairly, we will ensure that we are easy to access.

Commitment to Child Safe Standards

We are committed to the Child Safety Standards; our policy can be accessed at any time upon request. If you feel you need to give feedback please visit our Feedback & Complaints page for more information.

We also adhere to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which outlines the fundamental human rights to be universally protected.

Read the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in child friendly language.

Child Safe Standards – Department of Health and Human Services.


You will receive up-to-date and accurate information. Whenever possible, our staff will explain the decision-making process and how it impacts you. If we cannot assist you, we will do our best to refer you to someone who can.


We will treat your personal and confidential information with sensitivity. We will collect, store and use your personal and confidential information responsibly.

How you can assist us

Tell us your needs

Help us to understand your needs so that we can give you the best possible service. You can do this by talking with our staff and participating in the consultation activities we conduct. We will listen to you.

Tell us if things change for you

Please tell us if there are changes we should know about, for example, changes to your contact details, so we can always contact you when we need to.

Tell us how we are doing

If something happens that you like or do not like about our services, please let us know. We want to ensure that your issues are heard. You can tell us in a way that suits you:

  • Talk with a staff member or manager.
  • Contact us online.
  • Write to us: Noah’s Ark Feedback, 261-271 Wattletree Road, Malvern VIC 3144.
  • Call us on Free Call 1800 819 140 (9am–5pm, Monday to Friday).