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Staff Stories: Lauren Falconer

03 Oct 2022


At Noah’s Ark we use the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) to measure outcomes for children and families. In my work with my team and in my role analysing scores across the organisation, I identified that many key workers (myself included) were unsure of how to use the COPM in a way that was meaningful for parents. Because it’s so important that everything we do is purposeful and meaningful for families, I wanted to learn more about the COPM.

I identified the need to participate in professional learning opportunities to better understand the use of the COPM across a range of settings so that we could improve our practice at Noah’s Ark. I took this request to my Team Leader and our Director of Services.

I have worked at Noah’s Ark since 2015 and in that time have been provided with the opportunity to pursue a range of professional learning opportunities that have supported my development in the various roles I have held.

I was supported by Noah’s Ark to engage in a range of professional development opportunities, including travelling to an Improving Data: Improving Outcomes conference and meeting with the authors of the COPM. I was then invited to present my findings to the Noah’s Ark Board and engaged in an ongoing project to implement my learnings across the organisation. I also presented my learning at the annual Noah’s Ark staff forum.

The support I received from Noah’s Ark to grow and develop my expertise in an area of interest has been invaluable. I have appreciated the investment in my professional development in a range of different ways including funding to attend activities and investment in the implementation of learning. This support from Noah’s Ark has not only developed my skills and knowledge but has also supported key workers across the organisation in their implementation of the COPM in a way that is meaningful and purposeful for families.

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