Rbi intro course 69

Introduction to Using the Routines Based Interview (RBI)

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Starts 08 Jul 2024

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Designed for:

  • Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) professionals
  • Special Education teachers
  • Family Support Workers
  • Intake and Assessment Teams


7 weeks. Self-paced




Key Worker online or Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention

Course Overview

Noah’s Ark provides RBI™ training throughout Australia

The RBI is an integral tool for working with families and children in ECI.

It’s designed to establish a positive relationship with the family, gather information about child and family needs and develop a list of functional outcomes through a semi-structured interview about the child and family’s daily routines.

This training looks at the content and structure of the RBI, strategies and troubleshooting for interviewing and practice opportunities.

  • Participants will understand the key principles underlying routines-based early intervention.
  • Participants will increase their confidence in using ecomaps, Routines-Based Interviews and participation-based goal setting.
  • Participants will enhance their knowledge of conducting an RBI and where the RBI sits in the current framework of Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention

There are four modules in this online course, each with their own specific learning outcomes:

  1. Introduction to the Routines-Based Model
  2. Conducting the Routines-Based Interview
  3. Goal Decision making Process
  4. What Now? Implementing the goals into a routines-based program

This course involves a commitment of approximately 11 hours over a period of 7 weeks – Around 90 minutes to 2 hours for the 7 weeks. The course is delivered via interactive content in a self-paced online portal.

During the course participants will:

  • Read information and respond to it
  • Watch videos and check their reflection on each video
  • Write action plans and submit them for feedback from their online coach
  • Complete knowledge quizzes throughout the course
  • Participate in discussions with their online learning community

In order to:

  • Increase your knowledge of the Routines-based model of intervention.
  • Build your skills when using an eco-map.
  • Enhance your knowledge of the purpose and structure of the RBI
  • Know how to get a detailed picture of a child’s participation during everyday activities and understand the definition of and types of child engagement
  • Know how to effectively document RBIs to support the conversation and goal decision making process
  • Be aware of interview behaviours that are critical for a successful RBI
  • Understand how to use the notes from the RBI and the recap
  • Feel confident to support families to identify informal outcomes at the end of an RBI
  • Enhance your knowledge about child level and family level goals
  • Understand the process for writing Participation-Based Goals
  • Build your skills on working with a family and using the goals from an RBI in your daily work

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