A full day of Meaningful Inclusion Seminars comes to Kempsey

The Noah’s Ark Training team are coming from Melbourne to Kempsey for the first time.

We’ll be running Meaningful Inclusion Seminars in Kempsey, NSW on Tuesday the 24th of September, 2019.


Session 1: Meaningful Inclusion of Children with Disabilities into your program
9am to 10.30am

This session is aimed at supporting teachers and educators to look at the skills and adaptations that may be required when supporting a child with high support needs. Participants will explore practices that support children with a disability to achieve learning outcomes, a practical framework for everyday routines and activities to support meaningful participation, and community resources available to support you and your program.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Reflect on your own beliefs about inclusion
  • Explore a framework for adapting everyday routines and activities
  • Understanding programs and resources that can support your work.


Session 2: Challenging Conversations with Parents and Carers
11am to 12.30pm

Educators, teachers and other health professionals are often best placed to observe when a child may need additional supports to enhance their development, but these conversations with parents can be very challenging. This seminar is aimed at supporting teachers and educators to consider some of the steps in having a challenging conversation with parents or carers about their child.

Learning outcomes

  • Reflect on what conversations you find are challenging
  • Explore a framework that looks at how parents adapt to having a child with additional needs
  • Gain fundamental skills in strengths based practice
  • Explore a framework for conducting challenging conversations.


Session 3: Meaningful Inclusion of All Children: Supporting Positive Behaviours
1pm to 2.30 pm

An increasing number of children with additional needs are accessing early childhood programs. Some children have a diagnosis, and some do not. Educators are aware that they need to ensure participation of all children and may require support to meet the individual needs of children with challenging behaviour. Participants will explore the importance of working in partnership with their staff teams and with families to understand the triggers and the communicative intent behind a child’s behaviour.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain skills in understanding of what the behaviour may be trying to tell you and explore appropriate responses
  • Increase your understanding of communication challenges that can lead to behaviour challenges
  • Consider the impact of the physical environment on children
  • Explore program practices and how these may impact on children.


Can’t make the date?

We can also come to you and/or customise your training.

For bookings or enquiries please email: training@noahsarkinc.org.au or Free Call 1800 819 140

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Cost per person:$220 incl. GST
Designed for:Early Years Professionals
Duration:Three x 90-minute sessions
Type of Delivery:Face-to-face