Noah’s Ark Specialist Advice and Consultancy Program

There has been an increase in enrolments of children with complex needs in early childhood settings across Australia. Many services have a higher than ever number of children with disabilities or other additional needs participating in their programs. Noah’s Ark has introduced the Specialist Advice and Consultancy Program which can support services to provide a high quality, inclusive program that is responsive to the needs of all children.

Children with additional needs include those with:

  • A diagnosis of a disability or developmental delay
  • Developmental concerns
  • Behavioural concerns
  • Speech and Language difficulties

The Specialist Advice and Consultancy Program enables services to explore an alternative model of professional support for educators.


The Specialist Advice and Consultancy Program’s Aims

The aim of the program is to build the capacity of educators to:

  • Adapt the program to support the participation and learning of children with additional needs
  • Plan a program that responds to the learning and development needs of all children
  • Build collaborative and supportive relationships with families
  • Encourage and support positive, enjoyable interactions as a context for language learning
  • Implement a team approach to support the inclusion of all children
  • Identify and link with other professionals and services
  • Support children to negotiate with others and self-regulate their behaviour
  • The Noah’s Ark Training team specialises in the inclusion of children with a disability into their local community groups and provides practical information and advice for all training participants.


Program Delivery

Noah’s Ark is using a research based cyclical model to build capacity and bring about effective change in practice.

All our training is evidence based and grounded in the latest research in the field. Training is delivered by qualified allied health professionals and special education teachers who specialise in the inclusion of children with developmental delays or disabilities.

A collaborative approach is used, and the Noah’s Ark staff work with the Early Childhood team to identify areas of need and develop an action plan.

The elements of the cyclical process are:

Didactic instruction (Professional development), followed by:

  • Shared goals and action plans
  • Onsite observations of educators’ practice
  • Performance feedback, including coaching and modelling
  • Reflection and review
  • The program is delivered in three phases:


Stages for the Specialist Advice and Consultancy Program

Stage 1:
Consultation with the Early Childhood team to identify their current needs
1×2 hour training session

Stage 2:
Onsite observation visit
Individual mentoring for each member of the Early Childhood team
Attendance at a staff meeting to discuss goals and actions
Development of Program Action Plan
Implementation of Program Action Plan

Stage 3:
Reflection and evaluation of the program
Reflection meeting with recommendations for further development


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All Noah’s Ark training can contribute towards the Victorian Institute of Teaching’s professional development requirements for working with children with disabilities as part of the Special Needs Plan.

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