Finishing services with Noah’s Ark

"We overviewed everything and had a look back over what our goals were. Every goal was a tick, which was really nice."

(LINDA:) For us it’s… He’ll be going to the local special school.

And they take over, basically, where the Key Worker finished.

They’ll be taking over and moving forward now with the rest of his education.

So, yeah, we had our last day yesterday and wrapped up.

We overviewed everything and had a look back over what our goals were.

And I can say we achieved each… Every goal was a tick, which was really nice.

(DANIELLE:) Early childhood intervention ends when Tayeton actually starts school.

They’ll stay for, I think, the first term of school.

They will make sure that there are other services that are needed for Tayeton before they go out.

They’ll make sure that everyone’s coordinated enough to stay there and you know, work on what Tayeton needs, to make sure that he’s got an aide, to make sure he’s got a teacher of the deaf and a teacher of vision to help him through school.

(BELINDA:) Last six months of our year before going to school, early intervention worked with us on getting Aidan prepared for school, from the simple things like unwrapping his lunch, putting on his clothes of a morning to get ready for school—those simples things—to more complicated things of speaking to the school and helping me go through the process of getting the school ready for Aidan, to doing the process of looking into getting an aide for Aidan.

They were there with me for the interview process which can be really tough.

And they were there for every second of it.

They were this massive support.

(MINGYU:) We’ve been told when Veronica start her primary school, the early childhood intervention service with stop.

Kylie will not be able to provide service to us anymore, but she still… She will have… spend… have some sessions with primary school and make sure Veronica, she gets well in school so everything’s right and then that’s it.