Feedback & Complaints

At Noah’s Ark we welcome your feedback. It helps us to improve our services. If you are not happy with our service, we would like to know.

Like what we're doing?

It is very helpful for us to know what has worked well. Please tell a staff member, send us an email, call us on 1800 819 140, or fill in the form below.

Don't Like what we're doing?

  1. Tell the Noah’s Ark staff member first.
  2. If you are not comfortable talking with the staff member, or you feel they are not listening to you, please call the Team Leader on 1800 819 140.
  3. If you are still not happy, you can call 1800 819 140 and ask to speak to the Operations Manager for your area.
  4. If there is still a problem, you can write or speak with the Noah’s Ark Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
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