Inclusion at Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark believes that all children should be valued in their diversity.

What is inclusion?

Children with a disability have the same rights as all children, and additional rights because of their disability. They share with all children the right to be valued as individuals and as contributing members of families, communities and society.

Every child is entitled to access and participate in educational settings and community programs which recognise them as active agents in their own lives and learning.

Noah’s Ark takes great pride in working with children, educators and families to enhance the inclusion of all children in their local community services. We know that children learn by being with each other in inclusive settings. We believe that every child, regardless of their background or ability has the right to be included in their community.  

Our services for families include offering support and training to a child's educational settings, whether that be an early childhood service or a school. We also offer training directly to both early childhood education and care services and schools.

Kindergarten inclusion support

Kindergarten Inclusion Support

Our KIS team promotes an inclusive environment in Kindergartens; one in which every child is valued for their contribution and strengths.
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Preschool Field Officer program

The Preschool Field Officer program is funded by the Victorian Department of Education to support the access, inclusion and participation of all children, including those with additional needs, in a kindergarten program.
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