The Training Team

Our experienced team offers world-class training designed specifically for professionals, volunteers and parents in Australasia.

Lou Ambrosy
Lou Ambrosy Training Manager
Lou is an Occupational Therapist with over 30 years’ experience working with children with disabilities. She has worked alongside researchers and other professionals in the field to create the Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) course and coordinates the Key Worker Online Course™. Lou regularly presents at sector conferences in Australia and is passionate about pursuing the best outcomes for families of all children including those with a disability.
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Brooke Serpell
Brooke Serpell Practice Coach
Brooke is a speech pathologist with more than 14 years’ experience in ECI as a Key Worker and Team Leader with Noah’s Ark. She is a Master Trainer for the Make the Connection programs, an Authorised Routines Based Intervention coach and a qualified Family Partnerships Model facilitator. Brooke has a strong interest in adult learning and coaching and enjoys supporting others to reflect on their practice and develop new skills.
Stephen Carberry
Stephen Carberry Coaching Coordinator
Stephen Carberry started at Noah’s Ark 10 years ago as a speech pathologist and key worker on the Tarneit (now Wyndham) Team. He was a Team Leader from 2014 – 2019, including launching Noah’s Ark’s first team outside of Victoria, in the ACT.

In 2015, he became one of Australia’s Routines-Based Interview Certified Trainers, after developing an interest in understanding best practice in authentic assessment and collaborative goal development. Since 2019, Stephen has been able to extend his enthusiasm for implementation of recommended practices as a Practice Coach. Child and family outcomes drives his motivation to support key workers maintaining their fidelity to the Noah’s Ark Model™.
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Leanne Regan
Leanne Regan Parent Presenter
Leanne has a Masters in Special Education and more than 20 years’ experience as a secondary school teacher. As a Parent Presenter for Noah's Ark Training, Leanne shares her personal experience of running a busy family and provides insight into early intervention services and how it helped she and her family.
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Jane Tinkler
Jane Tinkler Operations Manager of Quality & Service Delivery
Jane trained as an Occupational Therapist after realising that supporting people to be able to dream and achieve was an option for a career. Jane is passionate about supporting children with disabilities, their families and communities. This passion led her to join Noah's Ark in 2007 because of the alignment of the organisation's values with her own.

Seeing children and families achieve life changing outcomes in her time as a Key Worker, and her 14 years as Team Leader of the Noah’s Ark Albury and Wangaratta teams, has led Jane to focus on high quality service delivery for children, families and staff of Noah’s Ark so that the best outcomes can be achieved, and each child, family and staff member, have the opportunity to maximise their potential. Jane brings her knowledge of service delivery on the ground and integrates this with the best available evidence in her role as Operations Manager of Quality & Service Delivery.
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Kylie Matusewicz
Kylie Matusewicz Practice Coach
Kylie is a fully registered Psychologist, with additional training including a Master of Psychology (Clinical), and a Post Graduate Diploma in Parent and Infant Mental Health. Her passion, and the majority of her career, has been spent working with children and their families. She has worked in a range of settings (hospitals, clinics, homes, early childhood education centres and schools, and in the community) in both Victoria and New South Wales.

She believes strongly in the individuality of each child and family and in developing intervention approaches that best fit these individual situations and needs.
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Cait Brennan
Cait Brennan Training Facilitator
Cait trained as an Occupational Therapist at Monash University and enjoyed her paediatrics and rural health placements. After finishing her degree Cait started working in a small rural hospital in Warracknabeal, Victoria where she developed her skills working across aged care, acute hospital and community health settings. While working at the hospital she developed a keen interest for her paediatric clients and moved across to Noah’s Ark in the rural town of Horsham. Since then Cait has worked as a Key Worker and Occupational Therapist across a number of Noah’s Ark teams around Victoria and is now the Team Leader for Noah’s Ark Wimmera Grampians team. She co-presented the Best Practice in ECI course for ECIA in 2019.

Cait’s professional interests include working with children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, trauma and attachment difficulties, and advocacy for inclusive services and support especially in rural areas. Cait is passionate about working with children with a disability and their families and ensuring the best outcomes for her clients, and all families in the Wimmera Grampians region.
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Valerie Villarosa
Valerie Villarosa Training Facilitator
Valerie is a Speech Pathologist with over 7 years' experience in the Early Childhood Intervention sector. She joined Noah's Ark in 2020, working as a Key Worker and Team Leader. She has experience delivering training programs for ECI professionals and parents in Australia, Singapore and the Philippines. Valerie is passionate about sharing evidence-based knowledge and information to empower families and professionals in supporting children worldwide.
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Stephanie Goode
Stephanie Goode Training Facilitator
Stephanie Goode is an experienced Speech Pathologist with a passion for working with children on literacy and early communication. She has worked with the Department of Education and Training as well as Castlemaine Health.

Steph now works with Noah's Ark in Bendigo and has shared her knowledge and experience with families in the region, but also with professionals through running training on early literacy and social awareness.
Julie Brania
Julie Brania Training Facilitator
Julie joined the Noah's Ark team in 2013, working as both an ECI Professional and Inclusion Support Facilitator.

With her degree in Early Childhood Special Education, she has worked as a teacher in a vast array of settings, including kindergartens, child care centres, preschools, and primary schools across the globe.

Her teaching experiences over the past 15 years have driven her passion for the inclusion of people with disability in education settings and communities. She loves supporting families and educators to help achieve the best outcomes for all children through collaboration and embedding learning opportunities in everyday routines.