Information for Families Regarding NDIA Changes

We hope you and your family are well during this difficult time. There are some important changes that we want to let you know about.

There is some good news from the NDIS

1. You don’t have to worry about NDIS plans ending during the disruption being caused by coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • If your plan is due to end soon and you still have not heard anything it will automatically extend for 365 days.
  • If you have a plan review scheduled you will be called on the phone. You can ask to have your plan extended for up to 24 months if you do not want any changes.

The NDIS website have full details of the changes at:

2. You can get Support Coordination if you need it. Support Coordination might help you manage everything over the coming months. If it’s not already in your plan you can now use your core funding to pay for a support coordinator. If you need additional funding to do this ask for a plan review. Please talk to your Key Worker if you want to find out more about this or visit the NDIS website.

3. Noah’s Ark will continue to have a 24 hour cancellation policy. We won’t charge a cancellation fee if you cancel 24 hours prior to an appointment. We understand that with children it is difficult to plan ahead. However, we still ask you to let us know and cancel as soon as possible.

Noah’s Ark is not changing its cancellations policy. The NDIA has changed its rules to allow organisations to charge cancellations if appointments are not cancelled 10 business days’ prior to the appointment. We are not doing this.

4. The NDIA is increasing the hourly price for most supports by 10%. This does not affect the amount of support you will get. Your funding will be increased by the NDIS to cover the additional amount.

The increase is to help providers deal with the changes caused by the coronavirus. There has been 10% increase to therapy service prices, which has been put in place for 6 months. Noah’s Ark follows the NDIS Price Guide for all our fees and charges and we will implement the pricing changes on Monday the 30th of March.

We understand that you may have questions about these changes and how they relate specifically to you. We are here to answer your questions. Please speak with your key worker or contact Noah’s Ark on 1800 819 140.

We want to continue to support you and your child.

We are committed to doing our best to support you and your child through this uncertain time. We now know that our lives will be different because of coronavirus for months, not weeks.


Our main response is to offer a Telehealth service in which we continue to have our appointments with you, but they are by videoconferencing. We are pleased that many of you have already agreed to this. We would encourage as many families as possible to take up this option.

We know that Telehealth will not work for everyone. Please talk to your Key Worker or call 1800 819 140 to discuss what other options we can put in place to help your child and family during this time.

We are working hard to ensure that everyone we support will continue to have access to therapy supports until things get back to normal. The best way to get through this time will be by supporting each other.

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