Invitation to parents to participate in research

To Parents,

Attachment is the emotional bond between a child and their parent. Secure attachment helps language, behaviour, social skills, and emotional wellbeing. Becoming secure can be harder for children with a disability or delay.

My name is Stacey Alexander (PhD candidate). I am doing research about how Early Childhood Intervention professionals might be able to help. I have interviewed professionals and done a lot of reading. I now very much want to hear parent’s views about this. You are invited to discuss this with me in an interview. What has been helpful for you in forming a bond with your child? What has been unhelpful? What do you wish could have been done differently?

The interview will go for about an hour. Our conversation will be audio recorded and transcribed. You will not be identified in the study. The interview will take place in a location suitable to you.

Please email or call me if you would like to have an interview or would like more information.


Stacey Alexander (PhD candidate)
La Trobe University
0413 382 942

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