Noah's Ark resuming home and community visiting

Dear Families,

Since recent Government announcements about the lifting of some COVID-19 restrictions we have been preparing to slowly resume some home and community visiting. We will be restarting these visits cautiously, recognising that COVID-19 remains a risk for our community.

Our focus will be on:

  • Carefully reintroducing some home visiting
  • Maintaining Telehealth services
  • Maintaining the safety and wellbeing of children and families
  • Being prepared for further changes in Government regulations and what is happening in your community.

Restarting home and community visiting

From June 22, 2020 we are planning a gradual reintroduction of home visits to support Telehealth visits. These will be based on the individual circumstances and choices of families and the benefits of a home visit.

Please talk to your Key Worker about your situation. This date has been chosen to allow children to return to and settle at school.

Some community visits will hopefully recommence as restrictions are further reduced. Kindergartens and schools are currently excluding external visitors. We are communicating with them through Telehealth.

Maintaining Telehealth services

Telehealth services continue to be the safest way we can provide services to children and families and we want to maintain this type of service with you.

As we go into winter we can still have Telehealth visits even if a family member is unwell.

Maintaining safety and wellbeing

We take the ongoing health and wellbeing of children, families, and staff very seriously. In a week, a Key Worker might meet with many families.

We will be following Government guidelines for a service such as ours for safety and hygiene procedures.

These include:

  • Staff will check in with a family prior to a visit and not visit a home if anyone is unwell
  • Families will be asked to inform Key Workers and to cancel visits if any member of the household is unwell or has had any contact with someone who has COVID-19
  • Key Workers will wear a face mask during visits and use hand sanitiser prior to and after each visit, and will clean their equipment

A Key Worker wearing a mask is not something we would do under other circumstances. As soon as we have advice that it is safe, we will stop this practice. In the meantime, your Key Worker will send you a picture of themselves with a mask on to show your child.

Parents of children with complex medical needs (including those with compromised immune systems), should seek advice from the child’s medical practitioner to support decision-making about whether home visits are suitable.

Being prepared for further changes

While our community has done an amazing job in limiting the spread on COVID-19 through social isolation, and there is now a path to reducing restrictions, the situation could keep changing.

We will be monitoring what is happening in each local area and any outbreaks of COVID-19 and making decisions accordingly.

Finally, a big thank you for joining us in the rapid introduction of Telehealth. It has been great to stay in contact and work with you and your child during this decidedly different year.

Yours sincerely,

John Forster

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