Celebrating RAP week

07 May 2024

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Members of the Bendigo/Ballarat Team gathered at Bendigo Botanic Gardens’ Larni Garingilang precinct. This unique space was developed in close consultation with the local Dja Dja Wurrung community. In the courtyard, plantings and ponds reflect the unique conditions of the Bendigo region. A new indigenous garden showcases the palette of plants that would grow naturally in Bendigo’s dry-arid region, while a series of ponds represents the importance of water in the local landscape.

Staff reflected and connected about other environments across Australia that hold significance and meaning to them (holiday destinations, the home of relatives/special persons etc) and the brilliance of the landscapes and rich history they offer.

Having been privileged to host the RAP launch locally late last year, the team were delighted to also spend time watching the launch clip which was produced from the day.

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