Family survey results 2023

31 May 2023

Zoes family

Each year, the survey is sent out to current families and is used to inform the services we provide and the way we provide them

This year the survey was sent in multiple ways: two emails from customer care, two posts on Facebook, and an email through the Echidna system.

We received 140 responses over six weeks.

91% of respondents said they were happy overall with our services

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53% of respondents had used telehealth

The services and support I received from Noahs' Ark have helped...

Understand more about my child's needs and progress

88% agree

Improve my confidence in helping my child learn and grow

87% agree

Achieve the goals we have for our/my child

83% agree

My child to play and connect with other children

61% agree

Us with transitions into childcare, kindergarten or school

67% agree

Support my child to fully participate at school

63% agree

To reduce stress levels within our/my family

74% agree

To find ways to solve problems together as a family

73% agree

Meet with other families

40% agree

Find information about other programs and supports for our child and family

71% agree

Provide us with information about our rights

74% agree

Increase my/our confidence in speaking up (advocating) for my/our child's needs

81% agree

What does (or what do you believe) your child would say about the services they have received from Noah's Ark?

Very happy. Enjoys seeing his key worker, trusts her and has confidence in her recommendations.
My child enjoys the time spend with her support staff and finds the material and resources worked on useful in her life.
I've been listened to. 
Gentle and caring therapists, some activities were fun and catered to my needs. My whole family could do it with me.
My child enjoys the visits with his key worker, both at home and school. He would say that she helps him deal with his emotions and school situations.
My child has developed a beautiful relationship with F, which has positively impacted his development.
My child is highly invested in their OT visits and actively looks forward to them. The OT's ability to connect and communicate with my child each visit, collaboratively and on their level is impressive and. highly valued (and appreciated) by our child and all family members. 

The areas for improvement that were consistently mentioned

  • More staff
  • Reduced wait times
  • Increase age limit past 12
  • Retention of staff with experience and more access to a wider range of services
  • Outdoor sessions
  • Parents to be allowed to make more decisions

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