Shoot to Score group program runs in Melton

15 Aug 2023

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It was with great excitement that we offered our Shoot To Score Group Basketball Program in the July School holidays to clients on the Melton Team for the second time this year. 

Led by Occupational Therapist, Nikolina Delic, alongside Speech Pathologist Jo Chamberlain and Specialist Teacher Andrea Fitzgerald, this group program aims to increase confidence and physical skills as well as attention and social skill development. 

Another focus of the group is to support children and families to make a decision about readiness and willingness to join a local community basketball team as well as to provide opportunities to practice skills that can be transferred to the playground at school with their mates or a local outdoor basketball court with family and friends on the weekends.

The children arrived at Cobblebank Stadium, many donning their favourite basketball team's jersey. They all participated in whole group planning, warm ups and drills; partner work, and of course, shooting hoops! Throughout the two sessions parents stated that they were thrilled this opportunity was made available to them and remarked upon their child's ability to listen and follow instructions, as well as their attention and perseverance. 

Some adjustments were made to the program throughout the sessions to ensure that all children had the opportunity to be successful and achieve their individual goals based on their support needs, strengths and interests. It was amazing to witness the incredible perseverance and full participation of all children involved.

Nikki, Jo and Andrea thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work together as a team and support children to achieve their goals in a different way to their usual work with clients and families. They certainly got a work out over the two sessions!

It has been so exciting to hear of the success of the program and the plans families have made after their experience in both our January and July groups this year. Most children are now actively participating in either a local basketball group or the Specialist Hoops program that is offered at Cobblebank Stadium for children who are NDIS participants. 

It has been wonderful to hear that their experience in Shoot To Score built children's skills and strengths to such a degree that they felt confident to pursue their interests and challenge themselves to take the next step with new friends in the local community.

Jen Galvin - Melton Team Leader

We have a variety of group therapy programs on offer over the upcoming school holidays. Registrations are now open!

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