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Jane Tinkler (Speaker)

Hi, and welcome to Noah’s Ark. Thanks for taking the time to hear about us today. You’ll hear a bit about who we are, how we support you and your child, and hopefully answer questions you might have about our therapy and learning approach.

We know that children do best when they’re surrounded by people they love and trust, and when they have lots of chances to learn what they need to learn next. That’s how we work. Your goals are our goals. It’s our job to bring the knowledge and skills for child development and therapy strategies, and we ask you to tell us what your child and family enjoy, what they find tricky, and a bit about your dreams.

Make sure you jot down any notes or questions you have while we’re going. You’ll notice that we’re always ready to answer any questions you have at any time. OK. So, how will we work with you? Firstly, we’re part of a team. One of our team members gets to know you really well. We call them a Key Worker, but you could also think of it as a primary contact person. They’ll be the person that gets to know your child and family best, and they make sure you get the therapy and learning support you need so that your child does their best. They bring the knowledge and skills of the other specialists on our team to your family and make it simpler to access them. We know life’s complicated enough without three or four or five people trying to make appointment times with you for therapy.

We believe in everyday learning and therapy. We know that starting with what’s working well and building on from there not only works best, but it keeps you and your child interested and motivated. We can all remember a time where we forgot to do our ankle exercises or something like that. So we make sure that we find times in your day where practice can happen without too much extra work.

If your child was thirsty and they asked their speech pathologist for a drink, they might ask once or twice in the time we’re with you or they might not ask at all because they don’t really think that’s a question for us. But by teaching you and the others in your house or preschool or school what the plan is right now, your child might ask seven times a day, seven days a week and get the same practice each time. So without doing too much more, you’re nearly having 50 speech therapy sessions a week where your child really wants the outcome.

We work best when we can see the places that life actually happens for you and your child, so that we can be as efficient as possible and give you best value for money. Dinnertime might be really hard work for you and your child, and it’s good for us to know what’s going on where it’s happening. We’d wonder about their seat and where the plate is and where their hips and knees are or their body position. We’d wonder how stable they were, what colours, what contrast of the plate to the surface below. What does it smell like? What’s the lights like? Who’s moving around? How’s the cutlery in their hands? We could ask these questions elsewhere and hopefully get the right information, but by seeing your home, we can assess it and lots of other things in just a few minutes. We can also start using strategies straightaway and have some backup ones ready to go in case the first ones you try just don’t work.

So, what happens next? We need some important forms signed so we can get started together. We plan ahead to make sure we’re available to work with you, so we need an understanding of how many hours or dollars you want in your service agreement. Our service agreement is our commitment to work well together, and we also ask your permission to use photos and film as part of our therapy. We also get you to tell us who else we might need to speak to, like the kinder teacher or your paediatrician, so that we can learn more about other parts of your life or opportunities where your child can practise strategies with people outside of your family. These forms are on the links below. Read through them carefully and complete each step. If you get stuck, we’re here. Call our Customer Care team on 1800 819 140. They can assist you. And welcome to Noah’s Ark.

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