Our Services and Programs

Noah’s Ark provides the best therapy and education for your child with a disability or additional needs (aged 0-8). We recognise the very important role that families play in their children’s health and development.

We provide Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS) through Everyday Learning and Therapy™.

Our specialists, with professional backgrounds in speech pathology, occupational therapy, education, physiotherapy, psychology and social work, are known as Key Workers. They visit you in your home and help build the skills and participation of your child. Our Key Workers give you the information, resources and support you need to help your child learn, develop and reach their goals.

Families and carers can receive Everyday Learning and Therapy™ via:

  • Your home or chosen environment
  • Primary School, Child Care, Preschool, Before/After School Care
  • Your local Noah’s Ark branch
  • Bursts of learning and therapy
  • Local workshops
  • Virtual visits.


Read about our services and programs below or here for Funding including information about the NDIS.

Getting ready for Child Care, Preschool or School

The program aims to provide support and guidance to prepare your child for a positive start to school.

Noah’s Ark works with you, your child and their teacher or educator by providing Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS) through:

  • Everyday Learning and Therapy™
  • One-on-one workshops to help you with information and to develop an individual transition plan for your child
  • Resources, assessments and the reports that you need for school transition
  • Inclusion support and training for your child’s teacher or educator based on evidence-based inclusive practices.
Supporting Inclusion

This program provides specialist support and strategies for teachers or educators for your child’s inclusion at school.

Through Everyday Learning and Therapy™, Noah’s Ark works directly with your child’s teacher or educator to develop goals and strategies through:

  • Initial and ongoing meetings with you and your child’s educators to share information about your child’s learning and development
  • On-call support for the teacher or educator including funding assistance
  • Visits to your child’s preschool, child care centre or school to provide expert help, strategies and resources
  • Professional development through Noah’s Ark Training for teachers and educators on current evidence-based inclusive practices.
Parent Connection and Support

This program brings parents and carers together to share ideas and to connect with their community.

Noah’s Ark facilitates parent connection and support through:

  • Workshops on the things that matter to you and your family (e.g. fussy eating and toileting)
  • Community group programs
  • Parent education and self-care workshops that build on your knowledge and help you learn new skills to advocate effectively for your child
  • A parent pack with information to help you know more about the services and supports available to you.
Parent Education

Small group workshops for parents on the topics that are important to you.

Noah’s Ark brings parents together for local Parent Workshops to:

  • Share ideas and information with other parents
  • Hear from specialists about the things you want to learn more about (e.g. fussy eating, toileting, sleeping problems, tantrums and visits to the shops)
  • Help you build your knowledge, skills and confidence in being a parent.
Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening gives you the tools to help your child communicate, through expert programs.

These programs give parents the skills and confidence to improve their child’s language development and communication through:

  • Everyday Learning and Therapy™, routines and play activities to build your child’s social and communication skills
  • Specialist speech programs: More Than Words®, It Takes Two to Talk® and TalkAbility™ from The Hanen Centre
  • Supporting parents and carers by building your knowledge, skills and confidence
  • Professional development through Noah’s Ark Training for teachers and educators to learn more about communication with children with disabilities.
Playing Together

The Playing Together programs provide expert help for parents and children to develop social skills and friendships.

Noah’s Ark works with parents and carers to help their child to socialise and develop friendships, through:

  • Everyday Learning and Therapy™ program to build your child’s social and play skills in and outside of the family environment
  • Parent education workshops on helping children develop their social skills and friendships
  • Visits to your child’s child care centre preschool or school to provide expert help so your child can learn to get along with others.
Supporting Positive Behaviour

This program helps parents and carers understand and manage their child’s emotions and behaviour.

Through Everyday Learning and Therapy™, Noah’s Ark works with parents and children by:

  • Helping you understand and manage your child’s behaviour and emotions by providing specialist support, resources and strategies
  • Providing parent information workshops such as Make the Connection®
  • Helping you build skills and confidence in managing your child’s behaviour in your family environment
  • Professional development through Noah’s Ark Training for teachers and educators on effective strategies for supporting positive behaviour at child care, preschool or school.
Coordination of Supports

This service helps parents and carers understand and coordinate their services.

As part of ECIS with Noah’s Ark, we work with you to:

  • Coordinate supports and services
  • Access support and information to have your child’s and family needs met
  • Understand the range of professionals and services available to you so you can make decisions that are right for your family
  • Build on your own knowledge and help you learn new skills so that you can advocate effectively for your child.
Parent to Parent Gippsland (P2P)

This free Victoria-based parent support program supports families of children with disabilities (aged 0-18-years) in Gippsland.

The activities we offer include:

  • Linking parents to another parent who has a child with the same or a similar disability in their area
  • Providing information about a disability, the services available and referrals or access to services
  • Linking parents into local and state-wide parent support organisations, including parent support groups
  • Advocacy parent support.