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Teacher Talk™ Training for Early Childhood Educators

Training Series for Early Childhood Educators/Teachers.

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ABC and Beyond™

The ABC and Beyond Program is designed to help educators of preschool children (three to five years of age) promote the emergent literacy skills that all children need to develop in order to learn to read and write successfully.

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Noah’s Ark Specialist Advice and Consultancy Program

The training team at Noah’s Ark can tailor a specialist advice and consultancy package for your service that will enhance your ability to program for and include children with a range of additional needs.

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More Than Words®Certification Workshop

The More Than Words workshop has just been updated to provide you with even more effective tools for zeroing in on the very specific needs of young children with autism or social communication difficulties, and addressing those needs with evidence-based, family-centered techniques. Updates include a new assessment and goal-setting framework, as well as enhanced intervention strategies that target the most important areas of difficulty for children with autism.

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TalkAbility™Advanced Workshop for Speech-language Pathologists

The TalkAbility workshop certifies you to lead TalkAbility™ — The Hanen Program for Parents of Verbal Children on the Autism Spectrum. TalkAbility was developed by The Hanen Centre’s speech-language pathologists who specialize in the communication and social development of children with autism. TalkAbility is different from most intervention programs for children with autism because it shows parents how to help their child develop a theory of mind, or perspective-taking – one of the core deficits underlying the communication and social challenges of ASD.
Based on the most current research in the field, the TalkAbility Program shows parents how they can use everyday routines to help their child understand the true meanings behind words, recognize other people’s points of view and have successful conversations with others.

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Key Worker Online Course™ Abridged Version

The course is a dynamic, in-depth online learning experience on the Key Worker/Family Liaison part of the ECI professional’s role. The course explores the theories and practices in six areas: Transdisciplinary Practice Emotional support Information and advice Identifying and addressing needs Advocacy Service coordination Learning outcomes: Increased knowledge of the research underpinning ECI Enhancement of…

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It Takes Two to Talk®

The Hanen Centre’s It Takes Two to Talk® is a three-day intensive workshop which delivers a proven teaching methodology and coaching framework for effectively engaging parents in their child’s early language intervention.

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Let’s Chat™: Building Early Oral Literacy

This workshop will support educators or playgroup facilitators to increase their ability to turn shared book reading and everyday routines into opportunities to build early literacy skills.

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Everyday Learning and Therapy™ Course

This face-to-face course has been designed in Australia specifically for professionals who are working in Early Child Intervention (ECI) under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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Meaningful Inclusion™ of Children with Disabilities or Developmental Delays

Three 90-minute seminars you can choose from one of the most requested topics from Series A and B. 3 for 2 offer: We are currently offering three seminars for the price of two.

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Learning Language and Loving It™ Certification Workshop

The Learning Language and Loving It workshop certifies you to offer the evidence-based Learning Language and Loving It Program to early childhood educators and preschool teachers.

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Meaningful Inclusion™ Series A

The Meaningful Inclusion™ Series A comprises three 90-minute seminars.

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Routines Based Interview (RBI) Course

This training looks at the content and structure of the RBI, strategies and troubleshooting for interviewing and practice opportunities.

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Make the Connection® 0 to 3 (MTC 0-3)

This workshop is for professionals working one-on-one with parents.

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