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Triple P Parenting Program

24 Oct 2022

Triple P three kids

The pandemic  raised new parenting challenges for everyone. Children and teenagers experienced disruptions to their daily life and increased worries about their safety and that of their family and friends. Children can react in unexpected ways because they cannot express how they are feeling.

The Triple P Program helps parents:

  • develop positive relationships so you can get along well with your kids and argue less
  • effectively set family routines and rules that work
  • manage problem behaviour and support positive behaviour
  • raise well-adjusted, emotionally resilient children
  • balance work and family with less stress
  • create a happier, safer, more supportive family so you can be the parent you want to be.

What support is available for Victorian families under this initiative?

The suite of free Triple P online programs are available for Victorian families including:

  • Triple P Online for parents of children aged 0-12 years
  • Teen Triple P Online for parents of tweens and teens aged 10-16 years, and
  • Fear-Less Triple P Online for parents of children aged 6-14 years who may have anxiety and worries.

Triple P Online & Teen Triple P Online put you in control so you can:

  • Choose the strategies that fit your family
  • Do your course anywhere, anytime – 24/7
  • Work at your own pace
  • Get specific tips for parenting during COVID-19.

Triple P Online (for toddlers to tweens) can help you:

  • Increase child resilience
  • Encourage good behaviour
  • Manage misbehaviour
  • Settle tantrums
  • Tackle disobedience
  • Teach your child new skills
  • Take the stress out of shopping.

Triple P Online (for pre-teens and teens) can help you:

  • Build a stronger relationship
  • Negotiate boundaries and expectations
  • Deal calmly with conflict
  • Survive the emotional rollercoaster
  • Prepare for risky situations
  • Equip them to handle life’s problems.

Find out more at the Triple P website

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