Our Psychologists work with you to help your child get the most out of their daily activities.

Psychology services feature graphic with a therapist and child, and a mother and child.

What are Psychologists for children?

Our Psychologists are specialists in positive behaviour support, social and emotional wellbeing. They will work with you to support your child to understand their own feelings.

They will support your child to get along with others and feel confident in themselves at home, preschool and school. They will also help you to develop motivating activities that improve your child’s concentration and memory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your child might see a psychologist if they need:

  • Help understanding their emotions and feelings

  • Understanding how to build positive relationships with friends and families

  • Developing the skills to try new things

  • Feeling confident in themselves and being more independent

Psychologists can help you child work on:

  • Understanding where their difficulties come from and why they’re dealing with these difficulties now
  • Supporting the development of positive behaviour and emotions
  • Finding better ways of coping with their difficulties or managing parts of their lives.

Psychologists also help improve performance, health and learning.

Psychologists work in schools to support children and young people to achieve psychological health and social and emotional wellbeing. They can conduct cognitive and functional assessments if this is necessary and would help achieve your and your child’s goals.

If your child is having difficulty with friendships or with other relationships, a psychologist will explore your child’s understanding of the situation and discuss coping strategies and practice alternative ways of behaving.

Yes, we can arrange Telehealth consultations. Have a look over our Telehealth FAQs.

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