Speech Pathology

Our Speech Pathologists help to develop your child’s communication skills so they can get the most out of their daily activities.

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What is Speech Therapy for children?

Our speech pathologists will support you to develop enjoyable ways of enhancing your child’s listening, talking and interaction with others. If your child needs resources and specialised strategies to help their speech and language development, a speech pathologist will work with you to tailor supports that meet your child and family’s needs.

Our speech pathologists can also help to assess and support your child’s oral motor development and help with feeding and swallowing issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your child might see a speech pathologist if they have trouble with communication including:

  • Problems being understood by other people or understanding what people say
  • Frustration because they can’t say what they want to say or can’t be understood by others
  • A husky voice that’s hard to hear
  • Stuttering
  • Difficulties with spelling, reading or writing; or
  • They need help with feeding
  • They have problems swallowing
  • They have an intellectual disability, genetic condition or severe speech difficulties and need help finding alternative ways to communicate
  • They have a history of ear infections and you’re worried about their communication.

A speech pathologist will assess your child’s strengths and difficulties to work out the best way to develop your child’s ability to communicate.

Speech pathologists can work with your child to find the best way to communicate to meet their needs. This might include strategies to improve how clearly or fluently they speak. It might also include forms of assisted communication, like signs, symbols and gestures.

Speech pathologists work one on one with children and also with groups – for example, in the classroom. They can help your child develop their ability to communicate and express themselves with peers, and help with literacy difficulties.

Yes, we can arrange Telehealth consultations. Have a look over our Telehealth FAQs.

Speech communication

Speech and Communication

We help your child communicate their needs, wants and ideas using words, signs or pictures.
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