Therapy Goals

We have a variety of programs and activities on offer to meet your child's development goals. 

Getting ready next stage

Getting Ready for the Next Stage

Support and guidance to prepare your child for a positive start to their next step.

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Making friends therapy program

Making Friends

Learning social skills and having friends can help children feel happier and more confident. By sharing, taking turns and expressing their feelings, children learn how to play together and relate to each other. 

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Speech communication

Speech and Communication

Speaking, Listening and learning how to communicate are all important learning milestones with your child's development. 

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My community

My Community

Learning social skills and having friends can help children feel happier and more confident. As children grow and learn their peers and social groups can change, and the need to fit in or seek greater independence is required within their community.

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Being independent

Being Independent

Children are learning to be independent from a very early age as they learn to settle themselves to sleep, drink from a cup or use a potty. Children with a disability or developmental delay sometimes need more support and practice to develop these independent living skills.

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Sport therapy program

Playing Sport

Participation with other children and sporting activities is every child's right to enjoy. Depending on the goals and the needs of your child our therapists provide the support needed to be included and work towards this important inclusion activity and support to participate in the chosen activity.

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Feelings emotions

Feeling and Emotions

Understanding and managing emotions is important for development and wellbeing during childhood. Supporting children to be able to understand and express their emotions helps children to be able to learn and communicate with others.

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Writing drawing

Writing & Drawing

Our writing and drawing programs are run by occupational therapists and specialist educators to support children in learning how to hold a pencil, to write their name and to create pictures as a creative outlet.

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Toilet training

Toilet Training

Support and guidance to prepare your child for greater independence for going to the toilet.

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Bed Time

Getting ready for bed and bedtime can be a stressful time for children and their family.

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Meal Time and Eating

We understand that mealtimes are an important opportunity to spend time together as a family in your busy day. Our occupational therapists will support you through this activity. This may include self-feeding, sitting in a highchair, chair or assistive technology needs.

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