Being Independent

Children are learning to be independent from a very early age as they learn to settle themselves to sleep, drink from a cup or use a potty. Children with a disability or developmental delay sometimes need more support and practice to develop these independent living skills.

Being independent

At Noah’s Ark, we help children and families understand and support the development of a child's independence depending on their goals and their age. This independence can be from self care activities like washing, or organisation skills like routines to get ready for school.

Our specialists provide an individualised approach that:

  • Helps us all understand the way your child learns new skills
  • Teaches you approaches to use at home
  • Includes careful exploration or assessment to make sure we’re on the right track and have realistic expectations of your child
  • Means we all work together as a team

About this Activity

We will work with you and your child to help them learn to do things like getting dressed, packing a bag, making a snack and washing themselves independently. This may include working directly with your child, showing you strategies to try and observing you or your child practising to give you feedback. We build practice opportunities into your everyday life to ensure your child achieves their goals.

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