Making friends & social interaction

Learning social skills and having friends can help children feel happier and more confident. By sharing, taking turns and expressing their feelings, children learn how to play together and relate to each other. 

Making friends therapy program

At Noah’s Ark, our therapists have experience and expertise in providing effective support for children through our approach to Everyday Learning and Therapy™. 

We work with families so that siblings can get along with each other and enjoy playing together. We work with educators so they can learn new skills and strategies to encourage all children to play together at child care, preschool or school. Noah’s Ark also works in the community to ensure that all children have the same opportunities to participate in community activities with their peers.

About this Activity

We work with you and your child to play with and develop friendships with their peers. This may include visits to your child's childcare or school to practice making friends and playing with others, working with your child directly or showing you strategies to practice. Our Noah's Ark group services offer an opportunity to practice these skills in a supportive, small group setting.

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